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Prague is a city of such beauty and artistry, it’s an inspiring place to explore your own creativity.

For anyone interested in art, Femancipation Studio has prepared an exclusive painting lesson:  The topics

“ Passage through art to translate the visual world of a plant, portrait, self-portrait and still life into personal forms of pictoral expression “ is created and guided by well-known Prague artist Lucie Crocro who studied at the Royal College of Art in London and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.
The setting is the Femancipation Studio, Karmelitská 18, Prague 1, The space is reserved exclusively for morning lesson 10-13 h and evening lesson 18-21 h Monday – Friday.


Mon    Drawing, pastel                                10 – 13 h                  evening lesson   18 – 21h

Tue     AquarelleIndian ink                       10 – 13 h                 evening lesson   18 – 21h

Wed    Drawing, pastel,aquarelle                 10 – 13 h                 evening lesson   18 – 21h

Thu     Oil painting                                      10 – 13 h                 evening lesson    18 – 21h

Fri    Free choice of technique                  10 – 13 h                 evening lesson   18 – 21h


Lessons are scheduled based on bookings. Each lesson features a three-hour painting session for 500 Czk.

The material equipment is included beyond aquarelle and oil painting mateials, they are available to purchase in the studio.

For reservation and more info tel n.: + 420 773 247 227  ( Lucie Crocro )   and on e-mail       l.femancipation@gmail.


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