Loukamosaic is the unique piece of art, a metaphor for plant community on a flowering meadow. The world’s largest collective mosaic of meadow joins more than 6500 creators, both children and adults from all over the world. The collective piece of art is exhibited in galleries, museums and botanical gardens. In the future you will have an opportunity to see Loukamosaic on a permanent display on a symbolic place.
Loukamosaic – An Art Project aimed at Charity

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,,Reflections“- a complementary portrait

Reflections show depiction of a personality seen from two different angles – objective appearance, the way we are seen by other people and subjective one, the way we see the reflection of our own face in the mirror. The unique project
,, Reflections“ points to an abstract level which is rooted in reality. It is not a double portrait. The two different depictions combine and make a complementary portrait.

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